what we do

Shamsaha’s mission statement: Advocating for women’s empowerment and protection throughout the Middle East.

who we are

We believe in a future where women are able to reach their full potential and achieve their dreams. When women reach out, we respond. We feel successful when we contribute to creating a world driven by inspiration not oppression.

Shamsaha’s vision is to empower women to thrive we believe in acting with:

Conviction + Compassion

We value conviction: We hold a firm belief in the power of our cause. This unshaken position fuels our commitment to changing the world and making it a better place.

We value compassion: Our dedication to the greater good drives us to really be present to what’s going on around us. We truly care about what we do and do whatever we can to further our cause.

100+ certified women’s crisis advocates

advisory board

Mary-Justine Todd
Shamsaha Founder & CEO
Munira AlShaikh
Shamsaha President & Co-Founder of Insights Therapy
Eman Nooruddin
Advisory Board Member
Lubna Fakhro
Advisory Board Member
Dr. Aseel Zimmo
Advisory Board Member
Tessa O’Neil
Advisory Board Member
Kristen Lenau
Advisory Board Member
Angella Clark-Jervois
Advisory Board Member
Regina Hays
Advisory Board Member
Jen Cook
Advisory Board Member

our team

Mary-Justine Todd
Shamsaha Founder & CEO
Nawshaba Rahman
Director of Operations
Sylvia Marcus
Partnership and Business Development Manager
Fatima Al Haddad
Regional Client Service Manager
Rabeea Ali
Accountant & Administrative Manager
Maryam Zaman
Marketing & Media Coordinator
Noor Zainal
Client Case Coordinator
Aysha Sharif
Junior Case Coordinator
Tessa O’Neil
Advisory Board Member

our key partners