Garnet Gem Ring


tinyOM 18K gold +Gem stone rings

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Offline Orders

To place your order and pay offline, please send your gift orders to us via Whatsapp (6676 5515) and tell us:

1) Which gift set you would like: Amplify, Conviction or Compassion.

2) Which Annada scarf you would like from within that gift. Amplify (choose: pastel, beige/black, or red). Conviction (choose: pastel, blue, or black/white). Compassion (choose: pastel, blue or black/white). And your tinyOM jewelry, or chakra prints will be selected by our empowerment experts!

3) After placing your order via Whatsapp, make your Benefitpay payment to IBAN: BH21KFHO00021020060114, or you can request cash on delivery.


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