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When you choose to shop with Shamsaha you will become part of Shamsaha’s empowerment circle. In partnership with Annada  and tinyOm, together we are supporting women’s protection and empowerment programs throughout the Arabian Gulf. Thank you for supporting and inspiring each other by shopping for a cause.

About Annada

An affordable luxury brand presenting you with a stunning fusion of art, fashion and lifestyle. Creating high quality designs for people who want to be surrounded by art, bringing joy and happiness. Each art piece is paired with a story that evokes a feeling we wish to share with the wearer. The sentiments of the story are another layer of the depth within the art piece, allowing the viewer to perhaps observe what they haven’t before in the artwork.

About tinyOm

Virginie Dreyer, creator of TinyOm, was  in what now seems another lifetime  a lawyer in Paris. It was her family circumstances that brought her to the Middle East, where she has been able to explore her creative desires. She trained in graphic art and design and, seduced by the art and craftsmanship of local goldsmiths in Bahrain, her adopted home, she began to visualize creating a line of jewelry. Already passionate about yoga, which she practices and teaches, Virginie was moved to base her creations on its philosophy. What she desired most was to create jewelry with a symbolic value and meaning. tinyOm is named after the Om mantra, which celebrates the birth of the universe, imitating its original vibration. tinyOm jewelry carries this sacred chant as a soft caress on the skin, each piece designed as a talisman, weaving a precious link between soul and world.

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Showing 1–12 of 25 results